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June 20,  2024 Agenda


Time 4pm


Call to Order

Approve Agenda   

Approve and accept minutes of June 6,2024   


Public Comments:  


Water & Sewer –

John Kiernan –

Josh Lockhead – generator grant  

Water leak Bible hill

Sewer Update  


Highway –

Schaeffer Hill Repairs status

Scheduling of Creamery Road Repairs

Grants in Aid – Scheduling

Sign Grant – Scheduling

Parade – taping of the street on evening of the 3rd



Financials –Update to Assign Opiod Settlement to 302 Cares – Could not assign will need to forward payment

Tax Sale Guidelines Postponed till new regulations are explained.

Child Care tax credit eff July 1st needs to be voted on at next trustee meeting


MISC: Digital recording _ equipment needed , posting etc


Future meeting - Water Department Holiday Pay, Contract etc


 Adjourn  Meeting

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